CX management should be at the core of your company’s operating vision and delivered through insightful marketing strategies that address customer expectations and wants. CX Marketing should bond your customer to your company.  Any events you create offer an opportunity for customer experiences that matter just as much as other touch points.  A variety of studies have quantified how brands that have deployed core CX management improvements drive revenue growth through increased loyalty. It pays to manage expectations and wants.

Expectations and wants occur at important moments in the purchase journey and offer us a chance to emotionally bond with our customers in personal and purposeful ways.  Lots of these moments come to mind immediately.  The first time you buy a product.  When you need a repair.  When you can upgrade to that model you’ve always dreamed of.  And moments can also include special events.  Special invitations and experience that only your brand can offer.

So how about bonding with your customers on a warm summer evening in Saskatoon while enjoying Canada’s iconic band, Blue Rodeo? At an exclusive experience for 2,000 farmers and producers we did just that. We created a moment and made it matter.  At the second annual AGI Presents evening, we hosted a live concert – personalized, with one-to-one engagement – that went beyond mere brand awareness to offer us real-time insights on what drives stronger affinity and ROI.

It was a supercharged performance. And a night we won’t soon forget. With AGI marketing we aren’t just shooting for cool or best-in-class or even live-event innovation. We’re shooting for best-in-show. (Pun intended.) Hope we see you next year.

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