2019 Episerver Ascend

Ascend is Episerver’s annual partner and customer conference.  This year it was held in Miami.  I was thrilled to join the event as a way to learn and network. I also had the privilege of presenting at the Conference an overview of how we at AGI are using CMS technology within the marketing stack and developing outstanding world class customer experiences with it.

Joined by my very good partners at Apply Digital we showcased all the outstanding work we’ve been doing at AGI.

Basically, Episerver is an online, commercial website creation tool written using the Microsoft technology stack, ASP.NET. What does that mean? LOL. At its core, Episerver is a large-scale content management system (CMS).  It allows organizations – and especially non-technical/non-developer types – to create, edit, organise and publish content to your website.

We’ve used the CMS approach to great success at AGI and I see many more ways we can add new modules and features as we grow and mature as global business.  And what can I say, it was in Miami after all…






David Postill

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