Evolution of CX

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about profound change. What began as a crisis response has now become the next normal, with significant implications for consumer behaviour and marketing strategy.

We’ve easily jumped ahead 10 years in our digital capabilities. Customers have transitioned to communicating digitally, working remotely and purchasing things online. Marketing departments have had to shift to respond to these new behaviours.

In a recent webinar for the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA), I shared my perspective on critical success factors needed to deliver a high level of client experience in this new environment. I also provided examples of how AGI used these success factors as a guidepost in launching initiatives to proactively fill gaps created by COVID-19 limitations.

Check out the article below to read a summary of what I shared in the webinar.

I plan to start sharing more of my insights on the state of marketing and where I see it headed.

I would love to hear your perspectives as well. Let’s have a healthy dialogue on the marketing topics that matter in 2021.

Here’s a link to an article summarizing some ideas:



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