Leadership Post Covid-19: What are we learning?

We are now more than a month in. Companies have been doing their best to acclimate to the changing environment and leading practices are becoming apparent. It’s clear that there are few factors that impact the success of a business more than effective leadership. But is leadership changing?  Are new skills and abilities coming to the fore?  I think so.

In a recent Business Insider article, author and leadership coach Alain Hunkins states, “Empathy isn’t complicated. It’s showing people that you understand them and that you care how they feel. It takes patience, curiosity, and a willingness to listen with an open mind and an open heart. Becoming a more empathic listener in this traumatic time shouldn’t be much of a stretch for you right now — you’re going through it too. Check-in regularly to make sure your team feels heard and understood.”[1]

Likewise, it’s arguably never been as important to employ a “decency quotient (DQ)” at work. According to Bill Boulding’s article, “For Leaders, Decency Is Just as Important as Intelligence”, “A DQ implies a person has not only empathy for employees and colleagues but also the genuine desire to care for them. DQ means wanting something positive for everyone in the workplace and ensuring everyone feels respected and valued.”[2] His thinking can be applied to Covid-19. Instead of letting the uncertainty divide an organization, leaders can “use decency to find ways to move forward without leaving anyone behind.”[3] Boulding believes that if businesses can become more intentional about decency, it can become a healing force our world needs.[4]

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