The New Equilibrium: What Comes Next?

Depending on how you want to measure it, we’ve been sidelined, shut-down, locked-down, working from home, on Zoom, on Teams etc. etc. for nearly two years.  By the time that re-opening really begins to take root, only a fool will think that things will go back to what they were.  So what can we expect?  The roaring 20s? What portions of the pandemic experiment will remain?  What elements will fade away?  What equilibrium will we achieve between the now and the before?

For me, I don’t think we answer this question by pretending to look into a crystal ball.  As the saying goes, ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it.’   So I’ve compiled what I think should be the elements of what comes next. These are things that have helped me and my team become successful before, during and – hopefully – after the pandemic.  They are elements that should shape the next generation of business.  And they are elements inherent to marketing.

280521-NewEquilibrium-FINAL set

David Postill

A visionary executive fueled by purpose, David Postill has an impressive history of surpassing business goals, and realizing innovation and growth objectives that set industry standards for excellence.

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