Event marketing has certainly needed to be re-imagined over the past year. The lockdown forced event marketing to pause, pivot, and make extraordinary changes. In fact, it may be one of the areas that has seen the greatest evolution.

This was certainly the case at AGI, where event marketing had always been an important way to connect with our customers and provide them with the opportunity to experience first-hand our technology, capabilities, and vision for the future of Agtech. Suddenly, we needed to return to the drawing board to find new ways to engage with our customers. We quickly shifted to virtual events with a focus on making them as interactive and experiential as possible. Was the quick transition stressful? Yes. Was it rewarding? Absolutely.

We just delivered for the second time AGI Live, which replaced our tradeshows of the past. AGI Live was a global, multi-time zoned, interactive event that set the bar for what can be achieved virtually. It’s been a significant success story for the AGI brand coming out of COVID-19 and positioned AGI as a leader in Agtech.

Below are my takeaways on what we learned by transitioning to virtual, experiential events.

What has been your experience with the shift to virtual events?

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