People. It’s That Simple.

I’ve posted before on this but well over 30 years ago I first read David Ogilvy’s famous book on advertising.  There are many ideas from Ogilvy’s book that have stayed with me over my career.  The most important one, the one that continues to shape my approach to leadership and in fact how I approach marketing in general is all about people.

Ogilvy wrote that an ‘agency’s most valuable assets go up and down the elevator every day.’  In other words, people are the core of a great ad agency and the element of his business that he sought to manage and optimize first and foremost.  Ogilvy’s observation is a core truth about marketing, and I think, about all of business.  Today there are countless views on leadership and talent management and without taking anything away from the great legendarium that already exists, here are my Top 4 Considerations for Leading a Team in 2023:


David Postill

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