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Reset or Restart – Coming Back to the Office

Are you busy?  I know I am.  September has been insanely busy for me.  And October looks worse!  And it’s more than just, back-to-school or back-to-in-person for me. Its more than restarting after the Covid years.  I think what we are experiencing is more ‘reset’ than ‘restart’.  Two+ long years have passed, and things have “changed”.  In more ways than just putting on a few extra pounds and knowing how to share content on Teams.  Our businesses are different now.  Our customers’ expectations have changed.  Our companies have evolved in response and our people – who they are, what they want, how they best work together – all are more than a little different from where we left off.  In my latest post, I look at this whole experience of returning to the Office.  Enjoy the read!

070722-DP-Great Reset


David Postill

A visionary executive fueled by purpose, David Postill has an impressive history of surpassing business goals, and realizing innovation and growth objectives that set industry standards for excellence.

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