CEO & CMO Alignment

There is no better partner to the CEO, in today’s dynamic business environment, than the CMO.  CEOs face immense challenges, and they require new and evolved skillsets in addition to their human and financial capital, stakeholder, shareholder and risk management abilities.  The skills they are increasingly drawing on and prioritizing are now found in abundance in modern CMOs.  Skills like technology leadership, change management, enterprise-wide collaboration and communication, and a deep commitment to data and customer experience are competencies you now find in the most effective CMOs.

When the CMO embraces their role as a key contributor to achieving CEO vision, rather than seeing their role as restricted to being a beacon or defender of brand integrity, they open the door to greater personal, professional and enterprise growth.  Here is a look at why I think alignment is so important.  #marketing #CEOAlignment #leadership


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David Postill

A visionary executive fueled by purpose, David Postill has an impressive history of surpassing business goals, and realizing innovation and growth objectives that set industry standards for excellence.

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